Every marketer wants to better understand their consumers, personalise experiences
and drive growth.

However, even though today we have more data available that ever before, brands are struggling to build better customer experiences. More data should lead to a better customer experience, right?
We’ll in practice, it’s not that easy!
Don’t confuse information for intimacy. The customer data brands typically collect is just a reflection of their past behaviour, not “who” they are or “why” they shop. To truely understand your brands customers you need to get much closer, more intimate.

Despite the importance of personalisation, more than 50% of consumers find it off-target and not meeting their needs or preferences (Deloitte)

65% of customers said they have changed to a different brand because of a poor experience. (Khoros)

It costs 5x more to acquire a new customer, compared to retaining an existing one. (CXACT, formerly TARP)

78% of customers have backed out of a purchase due to a poor customer experience. (Glance)

How can we help?

Let Kaimono help you uncover customer insights that provide the keys to driving growth

Kaimono are specialists in discovering customer intimacy. We help you understand consumers ‘why’. So you can see the World throught their lens. Uncover their pain points, the way they want to shop, and what influences them in real terms.
Though a deeper customer understanding, we help brands design, build and execute better advertising and marketing, customer loyalty, personalisation and retention programs, digital solutions, path to re-purchase programs and instore experiences.

How do we bring insights to life?

We specialize in crafting personalised strategies that elevate brands and drive exponential growth. From spearheading brand growth initiatives. digital tranformation to transforming loyalty programs, we leverage our strategic acumen to unlock new opportunities and maximize ROI.

Brand Development & Purpose

The key to brand growth is defining and evolving the customer value propostion (CVP) based on an intimate understanding of your customer.

Customer Acquisition & Retention

Driving new customers to your business or retaining exisiting customers are both key to business success.

However, only by intimately understanding your customer can you leverage your 1st party data, drive effective personalisation, and effectively target your customers to drive growth.

Digital Transformation

Brands can struggle with digital transformation when they are technology led. Let the customer lead the solution you need to drive growth, not the technology. Let us help drive effective personalisation and customer experience that connects to your customer.

Let’s get intimate with your customer

Great marketing starts with an intimate understanding of your customer. Bu understanding their buying behaviour, motivations and CX experience pain points we can help you deliver a plan to help you drive growth.


We conduct research to gain an intimate understanding of your customer. The ‘why’ of their shopping behaviour & CX. 

STEP 2: Customer journey mapping

We map the CX customer purchase and post-purchase journey to uncover pain-points and opportunities.


We formulate tactics and strategies to help solve pain-points and harness opportunities to grow your business. Including CX, Personalisation and ROI/ROAS initatives.


We provide a short list of partners to help bridge any technology or service gaps, or we can help you implement the solutions.

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want to do more but….

Budgets are tight

More than three quarters of marketing teams are finding they have to do more the with the same or less. Resource constraints and budget cuts are limiting the ability to deliver on strategic initatives.

At Kaimono we can help. With years of experience in cutting millions from marketing budgets without compromising strategic delivery. Let us review your marketing budgets for optimisation opportunities.

ROAS Optimisation

It’s not just digital advertiisng that can be objectively measured on the sales return they bring. We’ll show you ways to measure all your advertising for effectiveness.


Need to get work done but don’t have the budget or headcount to hire internally. Offshoring can reduce your costs by 70% and drive productivity.


Gen AI tools can be used to reduce costs in a number of ways; from copywriting, graphic design to digital marketing.


Spend less time on repetitive tasks by automating them. Freeing you up to focus on implementing growth strategies.

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